how deep to bury a urn?

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Answered: Hi i am looking for a urn with a truck on it for ...

I think you'll be better off buying the urn you want, and then having the truck engraved onto it.

Answered: Cremation Urns

My husband is about to pass away and I am looking for a Dallas cowboys urn as well. Anyone have any answers to help her?

Answered: Is there any way to deep fry something on the stove if you don't actually

Don't fill the pan more than a third of the way up with fat and be very careful not to let it overheat.

Answered: I'm looking for a new deep fryer. I want one that ...

The only way i know how to keep your house smelling nice is buy a shed for out side and do your deep frying out there.There is no frying that won't smell and take it from me because i've tried three of them..Good luck..

Answered: I am looking for a dog urn. I saw one that was ...

Finding the best urn for a dog is sometimes tough. We think wooden urns are the warmest to the touch and just "feel" better.

Answered: P.T. boat urns. I would like to buy one for my ...

Thank you for taking the trouble to take a look. And I will keep your wooden urns in mind. Thanks very much. Kathy
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