how come some people aren't on your chat list on facebook?

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Answered: How to retrieve blocked facebook chat from 2010?

Hi there Elizabeth, Even if you're blocked, as long as you have the old messages saved. You'll be able to view it on your profile, the only problem is you will be unable to send and receive messages from that person who blocked you and you will not be able to see that person's profile. You can ...

Answered: If you’re in a special group on facebook and one of the members has

No you can't see him in the search or either in group or mutual friends of others. Facebook make them invisible to you, know who has blocked you in Facebook and other Facebook features and pranks on my blog. Facebook smiley and security

Answered: Would you use video chat on Facebook?

Yes I would like too get it setup as I have a webcam and I need too get Skype put on...

Answered: 3aol chat room listings

AOL is getting rid of the message boards. You'll have to find someplace else to talk with people who share your lifestyle.
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Your impression on Facebook's new chat features?

I don't like the new chat settings..I found it annoying..

When you chat with someone on facebook is it private between you and that

Facebook Chat and Facebook Private Messages are both private, however, your Facebook wall posts will be public (well, for your recipients friends to see).

Facebook and AIM issues

We are working on this issue. Please stay tuned.

Why have my facebook contacts disappeared from my aim chat?

I too have this problem. I cannot see all of my online friends. 1-3 if i am lucky when there are 30-35 online in the browser version of facebook chat.