how cold does it get in alaska?

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Answered: How cold can it get in Alaska?

Very cold. The state record is -80F, set in 1996.

Answered: Alaska and the Cold War

A classic "what if" history question best discussed in a classroom, at home, or in your local watering hole.

Answered: Knowledge about traveling to alaska

These web sites contain the information you asked about Alaska.

Answered: What age do babies start with colds. My baby is 15 and had strp throat

Is he 15 days old or 15 months? Anyways babies have weak immune system compare to adults hence they can catch infection easily. Cold is also a kind of viral infection. There is no exact age when babies start to get cold.

Answered: What is good to eat when you have a cold? besides chicken noodle soup

Um plenty of water and drink green tea that would help. DRINK: lemonade,water , apple juice, orange juice, tons of water ,any thing hot is very good for the throat and NO MILK! EAT: Soups,spicy foods (not to to spicy) .

Answered: Long lasting cold sore

from the picking, it might be infected... i would get some neosporen and try to put it on the sore. if it doesn't go away in a week, i'd see a doctor.
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Which way do rivers flow in alaska?

Alaska's rivers like all the rivers in the world flow according to gravity meaning from the highest place downwards. For example the Tanana flows to the north of the Wrangell Mountains and the Alaska Range.

How to avoid frequent cold?

There is no cure for the common cold . Home treatment is directed at alleviating the symptoms associated with the common cold and allowing this self-limiting illness to run its course. You can avoid cold by some home treatment like drink garlic boiled water or take some ayurveda herbal medicine.

What is the best way of getting rid of cold sores?

TREATMENTS FOR COLD SORES : Peppermint oil – it has been discovered the essential oil of peppermint has been found to sink into the skin and helps heal the virus . Peppermint oil is absorbed through the skin, so that even small amounts can be toxic and should never be ingested. Take daily ...