how children were affected by revolutionary war?

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Answered: How does hunger affect the lives of children

It could give you poverty and antirexianervosa

Answered: War: the gift of leftist liberals.

Anonymous, unfortunately you disclose the "doomsday" mentality of leftists, and why leftists were recruited into the disbanded Strategic Air Command -- because rational persons would take no part in such a misadventure that the Soviets and Chinese made necessary. The nasty part is that only leftist ...

Answered: British Victories

Thank you, this was actually a crossword puzzle. 6 letters 3rd letter being an "M". ?????I still can't figure this one out...

Answered: To many relationships effects on children, my ...

I recently divorced he remarried 3 wks later she has gave 2 kids to there different dads only sees the younger1 who is a girl 7 yr not only does she curse at my kids she is hateful to them but mine are at a safer age teenagers who can leave or form their own opinions only problem is try to make sure ...

Answered: How does Heat wave affect children with PTSD?

Heat can cause some major hassles. Headaches, dehydration, stress. Can be a trigger. Keep fluids handy all the time. Limit stress on hot or cold days. Moderate activity makes sense. Regular schedule long and short days. Steady bedtime, mellow life. Winter short days, lack of sun Causes Seasonal ...

Answered: Innocent children trapped in a war-zone! http ...

That war is all the fault of Arabs. they declared war on Israel repeatedly, lost every time, used human shields, and otherwise proved that Arabs are the worst cowards in hell. What a pity that is where they are all going.
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German army infantry 45th division world war one. did they have the

WWI units didn't use the Swastika. They used the Maltese Cross and Stroba (lightning bolts) used on SS uniforms through 1945. The Maltese Cross is still the heraldic device for Germany.

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Affect vs effect is a common debate. Affect should be used in your sentence because it is used primarily as a verb. While effect is used as a noun in all situations.

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Or possibly a bit longer.

What war was more important revolutionary or civil?

revolutionary because without it there could not have been the civil war.