how can you use a 2s fact and a 1s fact to find 3x8?

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Answered: -15(4 3x)-8x=26-6(x-9) Simplify Pls Show work.

Oron got it almost right, except that -15 x 3 = -45 -15(4+3x)-8x=26-6(x-9) -60 -45x -8x = 26 -6x +54 -60 -53x = 80 -6x -60 -80 = 53x -6x -140 = 47x x = -140/47 = -2 and 46/47

Answered: Intelligent design is scientific fact. Atheism is cult delusion.

The fact that atheists are as immoral as muslims also settled the case. What a pity that the two most obnoxious cults of lunatics and bigots on the planet have always proved that they can only attract morons, liars, perverts, and losers ...

Answered: What do the different numbers mean when claiming ...

The numbers refer to the number of exemptions you are claiming. The more exemptions you claim, the less income tax that is taken out. If you are getting large refunds, you can raise the number of exemptions you claim to get more money in your paycheck every week, but a smaller refund when you file ...

Answered: Nothing

Hi Cori, You need to contact your employer and see if they mailed you out a W2 form. In the event it was lost in the mail or something, you need to request a duplicate. I would do this ASAP because April 15th is fastly approaching......Be Blessed and good luck.

Answered: Are Facts Not

keep smoking it, if you are in colo.
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Your employer mails it to you, no later then Jan 15

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As it appears it is not clear if it is A=(1/2)S or it is A=1/(2S). If you meant A = (1/2) S than 2A = S If you meant A = 1/(2S) than 2A = 1/S and S = 1/(2A)