How can you use a 10s fact to find a 9s fact.?

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Answered: Share some interesting facts you know like Bats always turn left while

Here are some interesting facts that I would like to share with you:- 1. A baseball has exactly 108 stitches 2. An eyelash may last for 4 mos., while scalp hair may last for 4 years. 3. The human brain is about 85% water. 4. Thes symbol of love used to be the liver, not the heart. 5. A average ...

Answered: How to get nutrition facts for a new recipe

There are a lot of ways for you to get the nutritional facts of a new recipe. Browsing the internet helps you with this, if you are fond of diet plans such as eat stop eat . Reading books, magazines, and other helpful articles also allows you to get the facts on the ingredients it has.

Answered: Can I have appoint 2 equal and independent attorneys in fact in a single

Yes it can be done but they possablly you need to have it stated that way i writing as verbal is hear say in any court of law.

Answered: Facts, MIKEY?

Rocmike the gay porn posting schizo is trying to convince us he is not posting his sick disturbing porn this way. Rocmike maybe you can post your Lester cartoons and Rocmike website and then have your aliases Renner, PonderWithMe, Harley Spirit, Snicker anonymous, Fred Guenther, Stanley Pembroke ...

Answered: Fun Interesting Facts - Bet You Didn't Know This

Those are some really interesting facts, I have read some of them before though. I believe the banging your head against the wall to loose calories works for every bang as you loose brain cells every time. Also 10 kilometers of cucumber is equal to one peanut in calories.

Answered: After the fact

A man who would rape his daughter is a piece of garbage and should be treated like garbage. He's a worthless human. Yes, call and report it. If he would rape his daughter he will sexually molest anything, anybody, anytime he gets any opportunity.
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Try searching on Good luck.

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Yes, I do. His profession(s) are elucidated on the website that Tippy listed. There are few monuments that are mentioned. You can get information about these by Googling martin van buren monuments. JayR

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Why make yourself? there are many other options instead of turkey that are healthy and better tasting. you can keep regular beef or so, just make it less fat- less oil and calorie rich gravy. You can also just try regular chicken breast or my fav- fish :)