How can you tell if your female dog is going to have puppies?

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Answered: Best food for puppy dog ?

Best food for Puppy will be Royal canin mini starter if your pup is more than 6 months you can also give him Royal canin gaint starter..for more about puppy food info plz see:-

Answered: Do all puppy listen to the word no?

Hi Aika! Puppies have really short attention spans so be patient but keep reinforcing what you Do want and what you DONT want your puppy to do and dont do. Dont confuse him. When he does something right or that you ask of him, be sure to praise him! When he does something wrong dont ever punish the ...

Answered: Three puppies video, where man lays out 3 treats, tells the puppies to

Go to this link and scroll down. You will find it there.

Answered: My female puppy is driving me nuts! She insists ...

4 mins after she eats, take her out side,use the one word everytime you take her out "Potty" as she eat give her silents to your voice - 4 mins later say Potty - then take her out, let her walk out the door her self, once out that door set her on the ground and turn your back to her , don't play ...

Answered: Swelling of the female dog vulva

Yes it can tell when she goes into heat because it does start to swell every time

Answered: What food is the best for puppies?

That's you are buying a puppy.If you buying a small puppy theirs royal canin mini starter food..Here's a site moOOou which having best branded dog food in very reasonable as compare to others.So,if you want to buy see more:-
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What do I do when my male dog suddenly starts peeing on my female dog and

But, seriously, folks. Put him outside. If you live in Fairbanks, put him in a different room.

I ve just found out that my bitch has ticks, i've ...

Yes they, the mother, and possibly even you are at risk from these parasites and move fast to remove them before they lay their eggs/breed in yr house. Best to check those areas of the animals body that has little/no hair where they can feed. If you have lot of these ticks infesting your home/pets ...

Home proofing for a puppie

Anything the puppy can get it's mouth on may become a chew toy. I would make sure to pick up anything it can get to that you can. A crate will be a must have for puppy proofing when you aren't around, that's the only way to go. You always want to be able to watch the puppy when it is out of its ...

What is the easiest way to train a puppy ?

To train your puppy you have to read this article.... How, where and when to train your dog? Among the most important decision that has to be made after taking the ownership of a new puppy or when re homing a dog is when, how and where you would initiate the dog training. As per scientific ...