how can you tell if a flying squirrel is pregnant?

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Answered: I hav e a flying squirrel , and a sugar glider that is best friends?

If you have 2 cages, you could solve this problem easily. Just put them in separate cages when you cannot monitor them, then put them together when you can. Enemies can make best buddies. I believe yours can possibly be Ok together. Please watch them though. Until you are 100% possitive. And be ...

Answered: Can i fly 3 days after a d&c opp

You may still be uncomfortable but you should be able to fly. I would ask my doctor before buying any plane tickets, just to make sure.

Answered: Finding a video of a flying squirrel in flight

This is a brilliant video! There was an ad before the video, so if anyone wants to watch it (and you really should) -- be patient.

Answered: How can I tell what sex the baby is going to be without doing the

There is not way to effective tell the sex of your baby with a doctor looking at an ultrasound and even that is not 100% accurate.

Answered: Flyingsquirrels I have two flying squirrels and the female just had

They do not need your HELP, odds are anything a human would do would just cause harm. Beleive it or not these creatures have been around for thousands of years and have taken care of their young quite fine without any help from HUMANS. LEAVE THEM ALONE AND PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE BABIES.

Answered: Squirrels

Squirrels are able to jump about 6 feet. If you are interested in placing a bird feeder in your yard you will need a Squirrel Proof Feeders . You want to install it away from trees limbs and roof tops that are 6 feet from the bird feeder. You also want the feeder more than 6 feet from the ground.
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Rose, Yes you can get them online at Duncraft and Best, they have tons of stuff for squirrels ans food for them they love peanuts that squirrels love and blocks that you can put in the feeders that have sunflower seeds and corn and peanuts, I have three feeders, and I love watching them ...

Where do squirrels go when it rains?

They have nests in the trees, mostly. They look like big leafy balls high up, as high as they can get them. If there is a good place like the old hollow tree (think cartoons) then they will maybe use this after they stuff it with leaves and other materials. Squirrels are somewhat territorial so ...

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