how can you make faults teeth white?

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Answered: How can i get whiter teeth at home?

Mix warm water with baking soda (in about a 4/1 ratio). and swoosh it around in your mouth for 30 seconds. Do this once or twice a day. After a couple of days you'll see results. This is MUCH cheaper than white strips, and doesn't irritate my teeth as badly. I have really sensitive teeth ...

Answered: How can i get whiter teeth at home?

Extreme Whitener is a great product, which has a good way of cleansing the teeth and then helping you through the extreme whitening of the teeth.

Answered: Natural teeth whiteners?

Home Teeth Whitening Products -

Answered: How do i find out about a no fault accident that happened in 1980 that is

I’m wondering why you would need to do this, especially if it’s no-fault. But anyways, I think if you know the VIN number you should be able to trace the accident using CarFax. Then you can look up the police records. Is this for insurance purpose? You might want to try the Hartford car insurance ...

Answered: What is a natural plant that cleans and whitens teeth? I heard of this

No can can re plant tenth naturally.

Answered: Are these always going to be better than the OTC ...

Whitening by the dentist will always out perform the OTC products, because these (OTC's ) are intended for "one size fits all". Dentists have the advantage of custom designing your whitening gel in the tray made from your own oral cavity impression. twitt me softly /cs33ca (M.Sc. PharmD. www ...
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