how can you make bricks on a fireplace shine?

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Answered: Fireplace charm not xmas

clams hex nice farm parrot. An anagram.

Answered: Defective Bricks?

Thank you, I had no ideal what to do, Rose

Answered: Help! We need to fix our fireplace.

You could search for DIY fireplace and there are plenty of that under 1,000 USD. Guaranteed Seo Services

Answered: How do can you make brick floors shine?

You can use disinfectant sprays or simply put wax on them and use one of those light rugs, not the ones that hard to drag.

Answered: Brick efflorescences inside an apartment

What do you want to do then? report it to the landlord I guess.

Answered: cement tile to brick

A lot depends on how flat the surface is to start with. If its quite smooth and level give it a coat of builders adhesive first and leave 24hrs (read the instructions on can for sealing serfaces) then tile as normal, I prefure a waterproof combined adhesive / grout.Over 2 days If the surface is ...
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Difficult question to answer without more info and a pic. Perhaps you could send a pic to and I might better answer your query.

Removing fireplace brick wall

if it is original there is not much chance there is drywall behind it. only wood framing the drywall will only extend about 2 or 3 inches behind the brick

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