how can you find an ipod that is offline?

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Answered: My IM contacts are showing as offline even though they are online

We use AIM at work and some people can see half their buddy list and the other half appear offline and can't be contacted. It's a major problem now. About time AOL found an answer for this.

Answered: Purchase ipod online

Please check and try here:

Answered: How do I get my Ipod to charge?

May be there is some tactical problem with your ipod you should go nearest service stations they will fix your problem.

Answered: Ipod

There are over 100 million iPods in the world and many of them are starting to fail. Droves of people are desperately looking for how to fix their iPods that they love

Answered: Friends seeing me as offline

Can you please change the password and uninstall AIM then do a virus scan then install AIM 7 again, also can you please check in aim express

Answered: I have music on my Ipod but it won't go to them to play.

A lot of people are experiencing this because they sync their ipods as a storage not with itunes. Save your songs into the itunes folder and sync your ipod there. Used + Refurbished iPods
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Upgrading your firmware will do the trick. iPod Touch Generations

What is the value of a used 2004 20gb ipod?

The third generation 15gb ipod, later replaced by the 20gb, retailed for $399 in 2003/2004. Given it's approximately 5-6 years old plus any normal wear and tear (assuming that it was only wear and tear), I'd assess the value at approximately $40-$50 and would be happy to get even $25.

Ipod trouble

Don't do anything first, just leave it air dried for a week. I happened to me before, I lost my ipod because my niece played with it and throw it away on the snow. I found it a week later all soaked up and frozen. I let it dry inside my room and waited for another one week. It was still working and ...

How to use a ipod in an 2009 equinox lx

You will need to integrate it. Try searching Google for forums to help you out where is the best shop or professional that will do the integrating process. iPod Touch Generations