How can you confirm that a journal is peer-reviewed or germinal?

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Answered: It seems as if you only have positive reviews who ...

i try divorce writer and when my fiance went to court they said that this papers was not the right way of doing this so thanks for nothing divorce writer more than $200 in the garbage

Answered: How can I get confirmation of mail read

No its not going to an aol address. I can see it in the sent box but person is saying that they are not receiving it. Most email account have a little box you can check requested a read receipt but do not see one with aol.

Answered: Confirmed Obama was Foreign Exchange Student

To date, virtually nothing that Obama has claimed is true. He claimed to have attended Columbia University, yet Columbia has no record that he so much as applied for enrollment. Obama also claimed to have earned a JD degree from Harvard, yet Harvard Law School has no record that he applied or was ...

Answered: Is AOL wanting to confirm my account?

I doubt that's why your e-mail isn't working but it sounds like you've been phished. Did the request mention you by name, i.e., first and last? Better be careful--your response to that e-mail could mean that your computer has been hacked: .

Answered: What is the difference between a diary and a journal?

diary keeps the record of a daily track while journal keeps the record of an experiment
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