how can we improve the relationship between custodial interrogation and criminal justice system?

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Answered: Criminal justice question.......

Criminal Justice careers are fast growing career nowadays. After criminal justice degrees you can get a variety of jobs like- private investigator, security officer, and immigration agent, Forensic Anthropology, Homeland security, Crime Scene technician, Economic Crime Investigation and many ...

Answered: How has the U.S. Constitution influenced the american criminal justice

The Constitution is the framework for our civil laws. When there is a legal challenge to a particular law, such as the legality of slavery, it's up to the Judicial branch of Government to determine if it is Constitutional, or if there is nothing specific in the Constitution regarding a law such as ...

Answered: Great "improvements"!!! LOL

When you click on anything on this site it takes forever. The thing just spins around and around and around and nothing happens. You leave the room, come back 5 minutes later and it's still spinning. Only about 1 out of 10 times does it work quickly like it's supposed to. I have this problem ONLY on ...

Answered: So what exactly has improved here??

I agree it would take but a modicum of competence to fix this board. Unfortunately, AOL still comes up short as evidenced by their incredibly amazing "improvements" that seem to be invisible.

Answered: Criminal justice

Try Sheriff Lupe Valdez, sheriff of Dallas County, Dallas, Tx.

Answered: Why do you conduct research in Criminal Justice

So we can try to understand the sick and twisted workings of the criminal mind?
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Criminal justice

When I was living in Hawaii in the 70's and 80's, a member of the local Samoan community was captured by the Honolulu Police after coming home and finding his wife and another man in bed. He hacked both of them to death with a machete. The Samoan community demanded his release and promised to ... Is the Criminal Juctice system in America still

The criminal justice system in America is BROKEN, I suspect it will NOT be corrected for decedes. But to begin to correct it an attempt must be started! A big problem was permitting lesser intelligent attorneys get into the ranks of prosecutors. Then they invoked Acton's law to abuse American ...

Public Cultural Aspects Criminal Justice and Security

I beleive the entire justice system is corrupt from the police dept to the prisons.every time we sentence a person to prison,we throw a family on the welfare roles. when daddy comes home he is branded for life. once convicted of a felony you will never be able to get a job. even flipping burgers ...