how can unusual behaviors be classified and identified without negative consequences to people?

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i am me i am positive you are you thinking negative........................too many same questions. please ask something worth it....thank you dee

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Try some introspection and you will find the answer.

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You must be talking about Lyndon B. Johnson, phred.

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Today it is considered par for the course for the mostly crass among us. Lived in Europe and the Orient, found it to be delightfully different from our countries norm. Most people more gentile and better educated and concerned about their country. Understood their countries history. My ...

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Really? Maybe the sky has already fallen and hit him in the head.
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Dems have always been 100% negative. Best thing to do with 'em is prove they are still stupid jack asses. That wears 'em out real quick and makes 'em look more stupid than ever.

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