how can unusual behaviors be classified and identified without negative consequences to people?

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Answered: Steve's real name is ......

Really? Maybe the sky has already fallen and hit him in the head.

Answered: People always have a strange response to anything ...

Your statement is simply not true. There are many people that I speak to that do not have strange responses.

Answered: Should people who are programmed and never have an original thought or a

So, who was Yahweh? Divine Encounters - 1 Divine Encounters - A Guide to Visions, Angels and Other Emissarieshttp://www ...

Answered: What are the social roles of a story drama group member? Define them and

i am me i am positive you are you thinking negative........................too many same questions. please ask something worth it....thank you dee

Answered: Why don't peoples' interests plateau? What's wrong ...

If people's interest plateuad, it would result in a mesa crap.
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Steve-Tadpole, just cause you are all the worst of stupid, effeminate, AND crazy, don't mean you matter. It only means ain't one word you ever said yet checked out. No body listens to what you say. People listen to what I say cause it makes sense and it checks out -- every time.

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Just listen and listen....give your friend the hmmmmmmmmmm principle say nothing, offer no advice, you're right he doesn't want it, he's not looking for advice he's looking for an ear anybody's ear, he's a chronic complainer, and they dump and complain, complain and dump complain about small stuff ...

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