How can the government protect the coast and the people who live near the coast from the future storms?

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Answered: How can I protect a family farm in North Carolina for future

If you are one of the Sisters who owns the Farm, I would go with Bob's idea, get a Lawyer. On the other hand if what you mean by "catastrophe" is that the place doesn't belong to you, unfortunately, you can only hope all goes well and your Children stand to inherit it some day.

Answered: Freaking about future

Very normal. When I was in your are I faced the same problem (in fact I knew I really want to do 2 dozens different things !). Relax, don't worry too much, follow your inner feelings (intuition). I started something and life (or circumstances) made me change directions at least 3 times..... and ...

Answered: Do you have a snow day?

Yes we have snow in our country and i really hate snow season.

Answered: The government is now telling people which prayer to say? Nuttier

That only happens at Muslim hangings of twelve year old girls and the Day of Ashura -- when they murder children and slash themselves bloody, just to spread fatal disease. Typical nihiliatic bunch, are they not? Oh well, Allah see, Allah do -- or were they pigs and monkeys?

Answered: People who vote republican are voting against their own best interests

I guess GB-Tadpole is always gonna be a hot headed and bitter old liar. Maybe that is how he got so mean spirited, anti social, and just plain surly. Well, lies and hate make Muslims evil all the way through but that is all their bad doing. They set them selves up to scorch in hell and that is ...
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