how can social functionalism be used to conceptually understand prejudice and discrimination?

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Answered: Court discriminates

If you wish to see criminal racist bias, look no farther than the disloyal Democrats. After all, they inflicted the Ku Klux Klan because Democrats are bitter, uneducated, and only act out mindless hate. So ends the only function of the Democrat party -- liars and hatemongers one and all.

Answered: Discrimination by law enforcement

It's a good thing you were able to put on tape everything. In most cases, proving such discrimination complaint is nearly impossible. You may now call a lawyer or you could also opt to seek help from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Answered: How can I resolve this problem

Will your manager speak with you about this?

Answered: How to overcome prejudice

Ji, --------- It's a very smart question. The best way to do it is stop and think (before any decision, opinion, statement..... etc): is it based on me being prejudist ? (and be brave enough to admit it and revise your decision / opinion / statement.....). I do it regularely (and in addition I ...

Answered: How does prejudice affect us?

If I listed all the wars that Democrats have started because they are ignorant cross burning fools it would make your head spin. Suffice that they caused every war we fought since the War of 1812.
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So. Are you saying that these pigeons are key peckers?

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You may file a charge of employment discrimination at the EEOC office closest to where you live, or at any one of its 53 field offices. Further, take note that 180 calendar day filing deadline for any discrimination complaints to be filed at the EEOC unless the period is extended because of there is ...

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