How can negative and positive self-talk affect the quality of our lives?why?

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Answered: How can I turn my negative thoughts into positive ...

A wise man once said: a problem to which you don't see a solution is not your problem. How about that for a self confidence boost?! Pretty awesome?

Answered: Does x-ray of the hip area affect sperm quality?

Biker- It will not affect the sperm, but the sperm manufacturing centers certainly can be affected. If your family jewels were shielded (lead apron), then there should be no problems. JayR

Answered: If you have a hard time being a self encourager ...

Hey MissThang --I think calling yourself MissThang is a good start! It's very simple really --just simply give the praise to yourself that you would to someone else for the same reason, after all you do deserve it. Why do you deserve it you ask? Because if you're thoughtful enough to praise ...

Answered: How does hunger affect the lives of children

It could give you poverty and antirexianervosa

Answered: To negate one negative comment it takes how many positive coments

Well when working in retail they always said 10 positive comments to cancel out one negative comment but I don't know if that's really true or not.

Answered: Can an endometrioma on my ovary cause a false negative pregnancy

It is still possible to get pregnant with endometrioma on the ovaries, so the results of the pregnancy should not be connected in any way. If you are pregnant, you need to make sure there is no risk that the endometrioma burst - speak to your doctor about this. best of luck to you.
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It was a good DVD and will start the ball rolling on where you need to focus your intentions to gain the outcomes you desire in your life.

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i am me i am positive you are you thinking negative........................too many same questions. please ask something worth it....thank you dee

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