how can mail carriers tell how many letters are in a mailbox without looking inside jokes?

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Answered: E-mail lettering

You can find the "formatting option" in bottom while composing a new mail. In that you can change the font size. Or If you want to set default means, go to settings -> General -> Text style. You can change here.

Answered: My mailbox reading pane is in so small that I cannot read. can someone

You can click and drag the divider to enlarge the area devoted to the reading pane - or press [Ctrl]+[+] to zoom in on the text.

Answered: Unread mail font

I have this same issue. Now my unread mail only stays bold for a brief time after it comes in. THen it is shows unbolded. I want to keep it bold until I have read it.

Answered: Latest joke in Israel

Ha Ha. It's better to use the word נקניק

Answered: Latest joke in Israel

I would have to say the latest joke would be the Tea Party.

Answered: Mailbox

Open your browser Login with your AOL account Enter the URL in to the address bar Click on "Switch to New/Old" button sign off and sign on Again Please refer the link ...
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Hi Gary, Can you please try clearing your cookies and cache and also using a different browser? -Kevin