how can if find out if someone is a cpa. i am doing business with a guy that says he is a cpa, i don't think he is, please help?

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Answered: Business Recovery

To recover a business after disaster, business continuity plan is required. Business continuity planning involves defining potential risks, determining how those risks will affect operations, implementing safeguards and procedures designed to mitigate those risks. There are many companies such as ...

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Hi Jackie: So I can better assist you, could you tell me if you're using the AOL Desktop software or AOL Webmail? If you're using the AOL Desktop software, please let me know what version you are using. Also, could you please tell me the exact message you received when you try to open your ...

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I read Dell Incorporation business strategy on this site , it’s helpful:

Answered: Starting a business

Being a drug dealer requires little initial investment. Of course, if you had another business in mind, it would be nice if you could tell us.

Answered: I have not changed my password, mail says it has changed

Hi Jane: AOL will never ask you for your username, password, or any other private account information in an email we send to you. For additional information please refer to the article below. Email and Viruses: Protecting your account

Answered: When a guy says lets just see what happens?

I cannot tell you if he's using you, but I can tell you that before you become intimate with him, you should know where you stand. I say this because I hear about too many young women who complain that they gave so much in a relationship only to get nothing in return. Know where you stand before you ...
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