how can i tell what year my grasshopper mower is?

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Answered: Black Grasshopper with yellow stripe on back?

I found a a large grasshopper in az thats sounds the but had a head like a trojan horse. I can't find out anything about it but i did pick it up and it was none aggressive

Answered: How to tell what year a murray lawn mower is. DOM is 0470?

My guess is that DOM 0470 means Date of Manufacture is April, 1970.

Answered: Will serial# reveal age of Toro mower?

Thanks Clark. I thought that might be what the # was saying. I will call the dealer and verify.

Answered: Mower dies when I engage the blades

I figured it out myself, it was a safety switch on the emergency brake that had came loose and wasnt engaging.

Answered: When shopping for ride on lawn mowers what are the things I should pay

First that time is coming soon.. preseason sales.. go to a Reputable Store, and a good sales person. You should have NO questions by the time you are ready to pay.. Sweet G

Answered: We are looking for a new push lawn mower for my ...

You might want to consider a ridng mower for an area as big as an acre.
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Why does my Grasshopper mower keep blowing fuses to the PTO?

Sounds like a wiring issue with the ground, but you should contact our service department (620) 345-8621 or the dealer you bought it from to find out for sure.

Mower deck belt diagram

ok the belt goes around the back pulley that has the fins on it and then around the pulley to the left of the pulley that has the fins on it and then clear down to the front pulley and then back up to the pulley on the righ side and then pull the belt and loop around to the pulley in the middle and ...

Grass off bottom of mower

To begin with, Why? But if you feel you must, use a putty knife and scrape it off. Be sure to remove the spark plug wire first so the motor does not accidentally start.


Maybe the VIN number or the plate either inside the door or up under the hood