how can i read PLUNA graphic files? what is the 800 number for PLUNA?

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Answered: What is the telephone number for 518 information?

518-555-1212 is Directory Assistance for area code 518 (somewhere in northeast New York, including Albany and Plattsburgh).

Answered: Hos do I find a folder or file

In Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can click on the Start button at the bottom left. The field at the bottom says "search programs and files". If you know the file name, or even the beginning, type it in and click on the magnifying glass to search. Another way is to click on Documents, or ...

Answered: I want to send a file that is larger than 20 mb. How can I do with with

Answered: How to fix bad graphics after installing new ...

I think graphics are set to be affected by the hard drive. For more I would suggest:

Answered: Who own 800 326-3017?

There are online directory for toll free service like what this blog discusses:

Answered: Cant read code

Well, the word shitoutaluck comes to mind. Have you considered buying another one and rubbing it gently?
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You need Adobe Reader for PDF files. You can download it for free from

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It really depends on the design and the method of printing (screen printers want different files then just those ink jet that they iron on t-shirts and so on) so the best way would be to ask the printers how they want it and work from there. Usually there is no problem with a jpeg even if you need ...

Homelandnumbre 800-317-4701

This is more of an advertising, or yet a spam, not a question. If you want to post information about 1800 numbers then you can create a blog and post it there, put it on a social networking site or create bookmarking listings.

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In that we have sequentials, and they in five columns, then we have a simple pentatic with the final row eliminated as egregious. In that the third row is random (+/- 33.333...%) then we dismiss the final row as a surd. 01,02,03,04,05 14,15,16,17,18 00,00,13,20,21 The solution is integers added ...