how can i iv /exh 16?

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Answered: Pakistan's F-16's

I believe the porn poster is Rocmike. Can we agree that the porn poster is the cartoon poster? There have been very few cartoons since the porn started again. Then there would have to be 2 posters on here that post 24/7 like Rocmike does. The porn is posted 24/7 like the cartoons were. The porn is ...

Answered: IV in arm vs neck

An IV is put in the neck under several circumstances. In life threatening emergencies in order to get medicine in and fluids as fast as possible, the large veins of the neck are used, especially in small children. This is quicker and easier than collapsed veins in the arm, or small veins in the arm ...

Answered: Internet to market and sell 16 investments houses

I guess this is a risky decision. But you still insist to do so, then seek investing advices first from experts. I have known Ed Butowsky for this matter.

Answered: What guess stars are appearing in Atlantic this weekend 2/15,16,2014

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Answered: Sweet 16 parties

Not one like that but a one that can make her feel special.

Answered: Swelling

This usually means the IV catheter has slipped out of or penetrated through the vein and the IV fluid is not going directly into the vein, but instead is infiltrating into (spreading into) the tissues of the hand. The body's lymphatic system - kind of an open ended venous system that gathers up ...
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I'm not in the medical field but I do know once a few years back when I had contrast used in me the tech told me I would feel warmth like I was wetting my pants. She was absolutely right.

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