how can i import my created player from ncaa football 14 to madden 25?

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Answered: What players have been hit by the Madden curse?

The Los Angeles Times took a look at some of the worst all-time pop culture curses and the Madden NFL series from Electronic Arts made the list. Take John Madden out of the picture and you run into problems. Before 1999, Madden's image graced every edition of the Madden NFL video games. Most ...

Answered: Highest score in ncaa football

The answer...222-0 In the early days of college football, 1916 to be exact, Georgia Tech scored 32 touchdowns on their way to beating Cumberland University 222-0.

Answered: Who would be the best coach for syracuse university football?

Lee Corso or Brent Musberger. Just ask them.

Answered: Where to buy fifa 14 ultimate team cheap coins

first time made order here, and it turned out to be very smooth, great service. is a reliable fifa coins website.

Answered: Madden 09 create a team help???

Im having the same problem...did you figure it out?
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Each school does its own scheduling. It starts with league games, and then teams try to schedule other nearby teams, or games that will pay a lot, or games that might help toward a championship. Sometimes they can't get another team to play because all the nearby teams have full schedules. Or ...

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