how can i get rid of my turtles tapeworm?

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Answered: How do dogs contract tapeworm and what is the best method for getting rid

I am quoting an answer that I found on Yahoo.Ask "A dog gets tapeworms from fleas, dogs ingest fleas while grooming and then three weeks later there will be adult tapeworms in the dogs small intestines. They can also ingest eggs from poo that contains tapeworm eggs. Signs that your dog has ...

Answered: Get Rid Of Huffington Post.

me too,I want this garbage gone off of my page!

Answered: I have read that there is a connection between tapeworms and fleas in

It is true. When the dog eats a flea it creates tapeworms.

Answered: Are turtles hard to look after? are they a good pet for children?

I'm sorry, but I disagree. Turtles are a horrible choice for children, and they are a lot of work, and quite expensive. They can be quite joyful members of your family, but they are no means toys, and many of them are quite sensitive. Based on the particular breed of your turtle, they can get quite ...

Answered: Finging a prescription drug that will get rid of Tapeworms in humans

Dear Clarissa, There is several treatments available that your pediatrician, or other physician, if older family members become infected with tapeworms, can choose from. One treatment your physician may suggest and that has been used since the early nineteen sixties is niclosamide (Niclocide ...
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My turtle has been sneezing lately when basking ...

jayb, get your turtle to a reptile vet. Your turtle has an upper respiratory infection. It is dangerous and lethal to your turtle. A good veterinarian is Dr. Dahlhausen (513 576-1990) at 9951 Springfield Pike in Cincinnati, Ohio. Make sure the vet weighs your turttle and consults his text to give ...

Temperature of water for little turtles

Turtles breathe air, and so in general there is no limit to how long they can be out of water. Terrestrial turtles, like box turtles, rarely go in water. Aquatic turtles need to be in water because that's their natural home, where they find food and protection, but they will not die just ...

Poorly african helmeted turtle

If your turtle's behavior is unusual to what it is before maybe there is something wrong with it. So better take your turtle to your vet for proper check up.

Starving turtles ...

the best thing you can do is get friends that you trust with turtles and have them adopt at least two each so that way most of them will be gone so then there will be extra food and room