how can i find out how much is owed on a property in cobb county?

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Answered: Property claim

If it's your tree, you can sue. Or if it is a property line tree, the neighbor still can't cut on your side without your permission. Or there could be a neighborhood mediation service to try to settle it out of court. The neighbor may have been trying to improve their view, but in most cities ...

Answered: In search of a Bangsar property. Can you help?

For wide listings of Bangsar property , I suggest you browse through the Property Guru portal..I've recently finalised a good deal for a house that was listed on the portal..!

Answered: I would like help identifying the implications of hepatitis in cobb

I don't know what you mean by the implications. Why would they be different in Cobb County than in any other place. Are you saying that you think the location a person lives can effect whether they get hepatitis? It's an interesting theory, but I really know nothing about this. Good luck with ...

Answered: A man rented my garage for store, he owes me 5 months, cant I put a lien

The answer depends on the state that you live. You most likely have to give him a writen notice that you are going to lock him out from his belongings. (certified mail so that you can prove that it was mailed to him). Every State has specific law that govern storage. Do a search for your state ...

Answered: A relative owes me money and I want to put a lien ...

How do I put a Lien on an Automobile that is out of state?
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