how can i convert a analog police scanner to a digital scanner?

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Answered: What is the difference between analog and digital video?

dear friend an analog signal is a countinous signal . consider a SINUS wave, the information is its amplitude every point. a digital signal is a discrit signal. consider a rectangle, width is constant but its length depend on information on recording or transmitting[by radio waves] an analog ...

Answered: Analog conversion

yea its slow. i havent been on long myself either. A whilw back Big Lots had an ad for a VHS to DVD converter. it would accept any analog input and convert to digital. but of course the store only had 2 and was sold out..

Answered: What are reason for breaking analog data ...

dear friend this is an analog to digital conveting .refer my reply to KAVITHANI on YEDDA. sincerly rahmati [antenna engineer] from IRAN 2 june 2009

Answered: How should I connect two digital converters--one ...

You can learn this and more when you Learn Digital Photography Now you can use to shoot quickly, accurately and with real value when you want an easy photography business, like they're straight-shooters, and help YOU earn online with digital pix ...

Answered: Exact Diferences between Analog and Digital ...

A Digital signal is one that has only two possible states, high or low. This might be 5, or 0 volts. It might be 3.3 or 0 volts. A Analog signal is one that has infinite possibilities of level. That is it could be 0.00 volts, 0.00001, 0.00002, 1.00001 etc... It could be any
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