how can healthcare workers model mental, physical, and spiritual health?

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Answered: Can the police force you into bankruptcy by having you mentally

If you are a danger to yourself or others, you can be confined. Normally an involuntary commitment is for no more than 72 hours (3 days) without being seen by a doctor or psychologist. If you think your rights were violated, DRNM (Disability Rights New Mexico) has the right to investigate ...

Answered: Advice Needed - Unsure and Confused

There's a Wikipedia article on psychological abuse (or emotional abuse) that fits your description. If you are under 18, Child Protective Services might help.

Answered: Were do i go for mental health

You could always go to you city and county health system to find city and county health centers that is not a hospital. There are city workers that are Licensed clinical social worker and psychiatrist. That how it is here in San Francisco. City and county one are for people who anxiety disorder ...

Answered: Should depression be classified as a physical illness?

Mood changes and depressive illnesses are more common in people suffering from physical illnesses, than in people who are well. Although a person can develop depression in association with almost any physical illness, some diseases are more likely to lead to depression than others. Depression in ...

Answered: Mental condition and physical health?

I find it funny when a doctors tells me I must avoid stress. Impossible. Where do you go to avoid stress? If I could avoid stress I probably would not be seeing him! This is a stress filled world. You can't avoid it.

Answered: Mental health help

You should have your friend be checked by an expert. Try!
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