how can chewing the abilify pill affect the patient as far as illness ?

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Answered: Tramadol&Abilify.Bad Interactions

Go to this website You can use this site to monitor your medications for potential drug interactions. A very helpful and needed website for anyone taking prescribed or over the counter medications.

Answered: Can i carry on taking the pill if im already pregnant?

the pill will lead to deformitys in the baby so if u want to keep the baby dont take the pill but if u dont and it early in the pregany u can have an abortion or if u are not a beliver in abortion u can be a surragate mother and give ur baby to someone who cant have children good luck

Answered: Does anyone know about or,have ever heard of bad ...

Speak to your doctor. He/she is trained to know these things.

Answered: Alert!!!! Thomas Johnson becoming unhinged once again

Jesus wept, MIKEY, but that was a real ZINGER! And what is this? Sesame Street? Tommy Tadpole? Did mean old TOMMY TADPOLE kick widdle Mikey's a**, AGAIN?
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was it prescribed by doctor or not. use White Lightning Diet Pills .

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