how can a women tell if she is having a heart attack?

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Answered: How long before you can have sex after a massive heart attack?

I believe that's a question you really need to ask your doctor.

Answered: Heart problems or panic attacks

Visit the nearest and hospital and look for a heart specialist to check your health problem. You are doing the right thing on the walking exercise, however, do it on a slow pace. Also, don't forget to keep a healthy diet on master cleanse recipe , fruits, and vegetables for it keeps you strong and ...

Answered: Airbags and heart attacks

You are welcome. I hope that you are doing well.

Answered: Silent Heart Attacks

Silent Heart attack is common in patients having heart problems, and this is considered now as one of the reason why heart problem patient cases died. Others are found dead, and later be as a victim of this silent heart attack. Patient may experience chest pain and pain in right arm or passing out ...

Answered: I have panic attacks at night and it is only at ...

panic attacks are very common these days..aroun 5-10% people suffering from pannic we have natural ways for you to Stop Panic Attacks.. check out at

Answered: Since ihad the norplan implant i ve started to ...

I'm not sure the implant is the cause of the anxiety. I recommend contacting your doctor to get checked out. Good luck.
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Can coffee cause heart flutters?

Yes, caffeine can cause heart rhythm abnormalities.

How do you get a heart attack in the foot my mom ...

The pain in the foot can be caused by blockages in the blood vessels of her legs. Most people think this kind of clogged artery disease, or arteriosclerosis, only happens in the heart. It can occur anywhere and is called peripheral arterial disease, or PAD. For some people, PAD causes leg ...

Is am i having a heart attack?

We can't tell if you are having a heart attack without an EKG. Any emergency room and most urgent care centers can get you an EKG in minutes. Chest pain could be a heart attack, or it could be acid reflux (especially after eating spicy food). Shortness of breath or sensation of squeezing your ...

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