How can a Registered Sex Offender have a normal life?

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i didn't find the answer, no one told me anything

Answered: Orange county sex offenders. How can i find out where they live for free

Check out

Answered: Names of sex offenders in belle mead, new jersey?

try going on megans new new jersey

Answered: I was needing to know how many registered sex ...

Debbie, take a look at this article to get that information. Good luck!
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A little late, but take the kids away from him.. Better to hurt a strangers feelings needlessly then risk hurting your kids...

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criminal law and family law are very dif... in criminal law in order to be convicted you must prove beyond a reasonable doubt... family court all you need is to put in a qurstion of doubt... you can easily be indicated in a child abuse or neglect registar and not be convicted criminally.. you would ...

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1. You're a challenge. 2. He has a bet with his buddies he can nail you. 3. For some reason he actually likes you.