How big is Derek Jeter's penis?

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Answered: Derek Jeter at 3000 hits: Your thoughts?

With all that's going on in this world, who gives a crap about Jeter. He's just another over payed steroid user I hear. How much of his pay does he give to charity, that's what counts. (None I read.)

Answered: What hall of fame pitcher faced carl yazstremski and derek jeter?

Nolan Ryan faced Yastrzemski but apparently not Derek Jeter, at least not in the major leagues. Dennis Eckersley is the right age to have faced Yastrzemski in the 1970's and Derek Jeter in the 1990's. Yastrzemski faced Eckersley May 6, 1975. Jeter's stats say that the only Hall of Fame pitcher he ...

Answered: How old is Derek Jeter and how many World Series has he won?

Derek Jeter is 40 years old. He played on five World Series winning New York Yankee teams.
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Hodag is right ...Here is his complete stats

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