how big is a 2.5 mm kidney stone?

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Answered: Bananas for kidney problems?

You should definitely bring this to the attention of your doctor. Potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals are critical for the proper function of your kidneys and their ability to keep the water balance of your blood, as well as their ability to remove toxins. If you have kidney ...

Answered: 1 mm kidney stone

Shown is an image of two rulers, in mm, so the stone occupies the space between the first mark on each ruler. Pretty tiny, huh?JayR

Answered: My husband has gotten kidney stones several times in the past year. Is

If you are an excessive eater of particular foods, you’re bound to meet some complications. There are many foods to avoid with kidney stones. Calcium is one of the main causes of kidney stone development, so lay off or reduce your milk, cheese or dairy product intake. If you already have kidney ...

Answered: What causes kidney stones and how can you prevent them? Is there anything

Check out this doctors response

Answered: How quick do you need to get a kidney stone to the doctor after

No big rush, kidney stones are pretty hard. They may want to analyze the type of stone (e.g. calcium oxalate vs. uric acid).

Answered: Do kidney stones cause sharp pain in the lower shoulder blade?

No, pain in the lower shoulder blade is not a symptom of kidney stones. Stones in the kidney cause severe pain in the genitals and thighs. You may also feel pain during urination. Other symptoms of kidney stones are chills, fever, pyuria, a persistent urge to urinate, frequent nausea and vomiting ...
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My hands are shaking with the kidney stones is that normal

while it is not a "normal" reaction it could be either the pain that is causing this or the meds they are giving you for the pain...if it does not subside let your doc know

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i was sent a wonderful site that anwsered every question i had thank you