how big do brindle chihuahua get?

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Answered: New born chihuahua

baby chihuahua are the the approximate size of a large mouse. hope this helps

Answered: We have a 3 year old Chihuahua and she came to us ...

You can slowly move your pad towards the door slowly each day until you get outside. Praise him each time he goes on the pad after it's moved.

Answered: Big cat diary why don't the cats attack the people

Because big cats don't attack people just for the hell of it. They will respond to threats by attacking. They also play, as do all cats, but due to their size, play can be a little rough on a person. They will also protect their family. Big cats are essentially no different than housecats. Just ...

Answered: Is The Big Bang Theory stupid in that people who ...

Big Bang Cosmology disproved every idea in atheism. Get used to it, science makes atheism into nothing more than a discredited frat prank. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answered: I am looking for free chihuahua puppy Ilive in metro atlanta I have a

Hello there,are you looking for a free puppy the you've come in contact with the right person cos i have exactly what you want email me at I'll give my puppy away free of charge.Waiting to hear from you soon.Take care
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Chihuahua decals that say "Who you calling tiny"

I think that would be have some decals saying that...maybe even some frdge magnets too....what do u think about that idea ? dichihuahua

Can I breed my chihuahua at the age of 1 and half ??

Yes, you may breed your dog.15-18 months is a perfect age to breed. It is very dangerous to breed your pups if there younger than 15 months because they will have to have a sesection!

Just wanted to know if any one knows any think about breeding chihuahua

hi maria if you have a vet for your dog.....they can give you some good advise and while the dog is pregant, you will need for check up's during the pregancy.....alot of times vets know people that have male breeders of the same breed of your dog.....some charges and some just want a puppy from ...

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