how are the sports in Alto, Georgia similar to the sports in th U.S? did Alto, Georgia copy Hungarian pastries?

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Answered: Where did Alto go?

Hi Nichole: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Can't log into Alto?

Answered: How are the sports in Hayden, Alabama similar to the sports in th U.S?

Another MENSA candidate steps forward!!! Umm, sorry to burst your bubble there Einstein but Alabama IS in the United States. Duh!

Answered: Sports Championship Games

Baseball, basketball, hockey have a series of games; they can play on consecutive days. Football players only play once a week and has one final. World Cup soccer also has a single game final. Major league soccer has a single game final, though division semi and final are two game series ...
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Watching sports can be fun for 3 or 4 hours if your team is winning. Watching two games in a row may be enjoyable for some, but that's about the limit. I once listened on the radio to a 23 inning baseball game that took 7 hours 23 minutes. That was really too much. Watching three or four bowl ...

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Put it in a copying machine??? I did that

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While it's getting cooler and cooler, Watch Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 11 is always giving us great episode that we really enjoy.

Why is football the only sport that you don't play both offense and

Some do, at least at high school and college level. But once football gets to the professional level, offense and defense require specialized skills, tactics and training, so the members of each team are specially trained for their roles. As well, the game is so intense on that level that the ...