how are soft drinks bought and sold?

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Answered: How to keep fudge soft

...and put in a completely air tight container. air will dry it out making it harder.

Answered: How can I find out if a house has been sold

A realtor could tell you if there is a sale pending, or if the sale is complete. Your county recorder or assessor could tell you the date of the latest sale if it is complete.

Answered: What is in drinking water?

Drinking water consists of the hydrogen and oxygen along. To ascertain all reliable knowledge about the same one can go through:

Answered: Do they make Wyler's sugar free drink mix? If so what supermarket can i

Go to winn dixie i'm pretty sure they have it, if not talk to manager to see if they can order it good luck. Take care & god bless nanadee
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How do you make toll house chocolate cookites soft?

Dunk them in coffee. Breakfast of champions.

Cooking with soft drinks

One of my favorite recipes is making pot roast or beef brisket in a slow cooker, using cola (any kind will do). Sometimes I substitute ginger ale for the cola for a slightly different taste. Just add 1/2 of your regular cooking liquid (usually broth), and substitute the other half with cola or your ...

How many ice cream cone does one gallon of soft serve ice mix make

The amount of cones depends on what size scoop you'll be using. Usually a half cup scoop is the reccomended serving size.

Home solution for soft water

You can buy a cheap water filter for it. I have a youtube video channel with a playlist called water and air that might lead you in the right direction.