how are reflection and refraction alike?

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Answered: How to use counseling Technique, Reflection, Clarifying

Hi Tommy. If you're asking this question as in something you can do for yourself, I would suggest a journal. Writing down all your feelings, past, present, and all you hope to conquer in the future. It's all about breaking things down and making sense of it all (for yourself) without making it ...

Answered: How to create a multiple reflection

Places more than one mirror facing each other and then they reflect each other and it looks like it goes on forever.

Answered: How are prisms and pyramids alike?

Prisms and pyramids are both polyhedrons. They both have a polygon (such as a triangle or square) as a base. You can read about them on this page and the links from it.

Answered: If I put reflective silver foil on the walls ...

Highlandspring, It is an interesting thought, but to reduce your heating costs, doubtful. Even if you use the insulation type foil there it would not be that helpful. CHECK FOR DRAFTS: Using a candle go around the windows slowly, while watching the flame. If the flame bends or moves from a ...

Answered: How would you start a reflection paper?

thank u for the explaination, but what the words or phrase can i start with .. thnkx
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They are both simple arithmetic progressions, the first +4 at each step, the second is -2 at each step.

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That will all be on your Driver's Daily Logs.

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You can ride on a board (toboggan or surfboard).

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