how are daycare workers independent contractors?

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Answered: Can I work as an independent contractor (off site ...

Yes you can and let me recommend the following article to you about being an independent contractor:

Answered: Filing as an indepent contractor

The income and expenses from the independent contractor activity go on Schedule C of 1040. With as little income as you have, you'll probably be able to use the C-EZ form instead of the regular schedule C. If your profit from that business is over $400, you'll also need to fill out Schedule SE to ...

Answered: Independent immigrant in canada

Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live, learn and work. Especially for the immigrant population. The country offers amazing opportunities to the immigrants as well. From wide-open spaces to the most cosmopolitan places, Canada offers beauty, variety and an enviable quality of ...

Answered: I filed a workers comp. claim . Now human resources wants to meet me with

It's a problem if the company does not want to pay the claim. They might say that you were trained not to do what you did, such as lifting too much. Or maybe the boss wants to deny giving you orders to do it. It's a big problem if the company wants to fire you.

Answered: Hiring vs Outsourcing?

I guess outsourcing would help our economy to recover faster and become more stable for the future generation since offshore outsourcing becomes a very uprising industry nowadays.
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Who pays for Childcare daycare insurance?The parent, or provider?

SG- You are going to pay for the insurance. There are two approaches. One, you can be told that this is the cost of the insurance. Two, it can be rolled into the tuition. That way, you will never see a bill for insurance. If you are being asked to pay for it, you could speak with them and tell ...

Where to advertise in-home daycare?

Great place to advertise is your church or if you belong to a providers group, they offer advertising. Preschools, shcools. Goodluck

Where do you register to be a school social worker fayetteville, nc

ask people who live around Fayettesville, adn they'll tell you . .......especially teachers b/c they deal with social workers in the schools.

Independant contractor insurance

i think hard to tell but you get your solution at general contractor insurance