how are ceramic proppants made?

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Answered: Ceramic mold of a moonshine jug

If you go to a hobby shop or arts and crafts store, they should be able to help you. I only know of jugs made by hand, but there probably are slip molds for them as well.

Answered: Ceramic tile flooring or Vinyl Flooring

Hello everyone, Based on all your conversation I would like to add some more detail on flooring, I think for kitchen Vinyl tile flooring is the best choice. I have found on the web for a superior link profile can anybody suggest another place.

Answered: Sakucera ceramic knives. I would like to know where they are made. I do

I don't believe I have ever run across the brand name, Sakucera. I have seen Kyocera knives -- they are excellent. They are made of specially fired ZrCl, a proprietary process they are hesitant to divulge. I will say that they are Rockwell C98 (diamond is 100). Kyocera makes parts for extreme ...

Answered: Ceramic Classes

Little E ----- Used to be a place on Seneca St between Remmington and Kingston St. Have purchased greenware there in past. Don't know if it is still there or even the name. Haven't lived in Nickle City for 8 years. I'm 1500 miles away now. -----Citrine1

Answered: Tiling over existing ceramic wall tile?

The trouble is the glaze on the tiles make it hard for anything to stick to it. The only way possible is you would have to rough up the tiles very good so you can put another layer on top.
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I can't believe that some knives are made from ceramic, which bring me to

Not so much harder, but glass and ceramic knives are much sharper. Many hospitals use glass or flint or ceramic scalpels because they cab be incredibly sharp. Don't care for them myself. I'm a firm and lifetime fan of Solingen.

Ceramic piggy banks where to find the large plugs for the banks.

If I were you, I'd check TAP Plastics. Take one of the piggy banks with you and ask them what they have (or can manufacture) that will fit. I'd be surprised if they can't come up with something.

Scratched Ceramic

go to a place that makes counter tops and ask for ceranic top wax ...they do sell it ...

Ceramic tile on concrete challenge

If they get slippery there are some solutions out on the market. I talked with and they have something that will coat the PVC but its a daily cleaner. They have anti-slip treatment solutions for ceramic tiles for the shower and kitchens.