How are American Airlines and Comcast alike?

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Answered: What are the american traditions for wedding?

Wedding music is an absolute essential part of a wedding ceremony. Traditionally, music is played before the bride arrives and whilst the bride walks down the aisle. This music depends largely on the type of ceremony; with a traditional church based ceremony, the music is likely to be from an organ ...

Answered: Comcast vp technical operations tony speller I GOT ...

Your note did not go to Comcast, it is posted on AOL Answers where it is unlikely that Comcast will see it.

Answered: How many frequent flyer miles needed on American round trip Dallas to

A round trip from the US to Europe Economy class requires 40,000 miles in off-peak season (Oct 15-May 15), 60,000 miles in peak season (now). Business class will cost 100,000 miles. If you want to go on a specific date, you might ...

Answered: Project Bojinka still haunts the Democrats.

Will someone respond to this lonely loser. The leftist Muslim Atheist poster is tired of being laughed at and ignored. Posting is all it has in its sad lonely pathetic life.

Answered: How do you send an instant message to some one that has comcast internet

I know their e-mail address would be if that helps.
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