How and why did America’s isolationist stance erode entering into the 1940s?

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Answered: Does America have Black Friday too?

Do we have black Friday? Hell, we invented it.

Answered: 1940's local news

Thank you, this website is very helpful! Sue Bishop

Answered: 1940's 8mm film copyright

I found that the copywrite is now held by NBC Universal. I have contacted them and asked permission to copy it.

Answered: Wheaties cut out WWII airplanes

It's always possible Tom - I just recently found an entire collection of silk flags of countries of the world in the 40's in an old shaving case of my Dad's. He's been dead over 10 years and I've never even looked at this before, but I remember him showing me them as a child -apparently they came in ...

Answered: Who sang and wrote this song?

Writer unknown My Bucket's Got A Hole In It Lyrics - Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis Lyrics of My Bucket's Got A Hole In It - Hank Williams lyrics WASHBOARD SAM - BUCKET'S GOT A HOLE IN IT LYRICS BUCKET'S GOT A HOLE IN IT - ROBERT BROWN LYRICS - VARIOUS ARTISTS Louis Armstrong - My ...

Answered: Pension Funds

Cedar Brook, Contact your regional Department of Labor (DOL) office and Pension Guarantee regional office the DOL office should be able to direct you. If there are funds the Pension Guarantee Fund should be able to track it down. Most financial advisors would not know where to look. Give us a ...
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