how a landlord cashes a feps rent check?

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Answered: Can a londlord refuse rent in cash? they want a check or money order. i

I believe this is just to be on safer side they asking you to produce cheque or DD payment. Otherwise they might have taken cash from you. Tags:-Pay Day Loans | Payday uk | Fast Payday UK

Answered: Renting room with dog in house

Haven't found an answer yet

Answered: My landlord raise 20% monthly rent (california)

I don't know if this will help you, I know in new york the owner of a private has can raise the rent has much as they want, you should ask a real estate agent in your area

Answered: Rent Increase Okay so what happens if the landlord fails to notify you of

Thanks for your response but I have found out in the state of Florida, there are no rules or rent control and the Landlords can do whatever they damn well please! Why they upped everyone's rent another $101.00 a month and plan to keep upping it every new lease renewal until they get $3000.00 a ...

Answered: Can a landlord increase the rent while part of the ...

Pay what you are using and if you did not request that repair don't mind it.
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Need to cash check for cash

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Can a landlord require rent due before the beginning of the rental month

Depending on your rental agreement, if you signed a lease saying you'd pay for a month's rent before the actual month, then yes you are bound to pay it. But if you have a contract that states you pay on the first of each month (or some other set date of each month), then the landlord cannot expect ...

What is the legal penalty if I have found my landlord entered without

I would recommend that you talk to a lawyer to find out what the penalty would be if the person was found guilty, and if it is worth it to prosecute against your land lord. You might just want to talk to him and see what the story is. The law suit might not be worth your time.

Bank cashed several checks for grandson, he stole ...

However, the bank is not going to see it that way. They will do whatever it takes to prosecute the boy for theft and fraud, and if they determine that Mom was negligent in keeping the checks secure, they might hold her responsible, as well. At the very least, they should close the account.