how to pge lien removal?

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Answered: HOA put lien on my condo, and property is on proces for forclosure,, do I

You have an HOA fee due every month for a condo. Your best bet would be to pay it every month. As a member of an HOA board. we either put leins on homes, foreclose on them or send the debtor to a collector.... its a bill.. and an obligation... You owe it, you pay it. If your already going into ...

Answered: For how long is a lien valid?

I am not in this line of work, but I did find this web site that should be of help to you. I would also call you bank for advice.

Answered: Lien on a property but title transferred to family members.

i have a title to a moblie home tht was give to my son and she give it to him as a gife and now she is going to take the trailer back can i put a lien on the title for the work he ahs done on the trailer

Answered: How do I find out if there is a lien from my ...

how do i find out if there is a lean on my property

Answered: Remove IRS lien on a Tax Deed property

The two types of liens are particular liens and general liens. Particular liens come up when someone claims a right to keep a property in respect to the spent cash and labor on the specific property. This lien may be made out in any of the following two ways: first, by express contract wherein ...

Answered: I am trying to to take out a mortage loan on my ...

I do not know all the laws in Virginia, but I know that I had once tried to buy a piece of property and before I could purchase it I had to pay off the liens. I know when my husband passed away I did not have to pay any of his debts, but i would check into this more, I wish I had the exact answer ...
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How to place a lien in georgia

Every city has free legal advice so check your phone book for it and they can advise you also most court houses can help you put a contractors lein on them and their homes or business. Hope this helps.

A lien and judgment was filed against an ...

Go to IRS Office of Appeals so they can determine whether the tax lien filing was valid.


Talk to a professional with regards of your concerns.You may visit also the local government in your area, you may ask for assistance in Tax lien office section.