how 2 make fake herion?

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Answered: My son is a herion addict, Please help us.

I was a herion addict for years, im 25 now, i put my familt through hell before I found Suboxone, its similar to Methadone(opiate maintenance), but its not as strong of an opiate, and you cant get high off of the Suboxone, in fact it has Naloxone in it, so if you take a suboxone, and then do herion ...

Answered: How do i handle someone pretending to be me. they made a fake page

report them to myspace and they will be removed. The info below is from their FAQs. Reporting an imposter profile Someone set up a MySpace profile about me without my permission. What can I do? An imposter profile is a MySpace profile that a person has made about someone else without ...

Answered: Fake documents

go to the FBI office brother ink cartridges

Answered: How can i avoid buying fake memorabilia?

You can get a lot of good tips on collecting memorabilia and how to avoid getting fakes on: They have a section called: sports memorabilia 101.

Answered: How can I make fake stacks of money? For my ...

You can do that by artificial one as many games are there which contains artificial dollar you can use that .Or xerox copy can also be used. Payday Loans | Payday loans 24/7 | Payday loans 24/7 for bad credit

Answered: How can i make fake baby food for my reborn baby doll

All baby food is is pureed food. Just puree anything. Just don't ask me to date you, cause that shit's weird.
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If you have problem feel free to contact me. But I'm sure you will not have a problem! Be Blessed.

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She declined to answer additional questions about Kids Wish's fundraising operations, saying the charity "is focused on the future." Charity operators who would talk defended their work, saying raising money is expensive especially in tough economic times. http://www.topbrandsoutletmall ...