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Is it customary for a landlord to enter a house ...

Is it customary for a landlord to enter a house you are renting to show to another renter while you are still living there? We have not given notice yet and they called wanting to show the house to another renter; course we are military and will be moving but we don't know exactly when yet. I found it strange!

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Your landlord is rude, but that's normal for landlords.  It should be specified in your rental agreement if they can show your house before you move out.  If not, then they should have to get your permission to show it.  I would try to negotiate some type of rent reduction if you're giving them permission to show the house at this point.  Normally I'm live and let live, but once someone is rude, then I start to charge for my tolerance.

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Since they own the property they are entitled to do whatever they want with it. As far as showing the property to other people, you will quite often find the process which they will follow in the tennancy agreement. If there is nothing mentioned in it regarding this then you should be consulted first and it done at a mutualy agreeable time is the normal rule of thumb.

We had it in contract that the landlord can show your unit to their possible customer if you are at the last month of your contract.

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