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House GOP leaders announced Monday they were putting forward a "backup plan" that would extend the payroll tax cut for 10 months, while cleaving it from a similar extension of unemployment insurance ...

Democrats are indeed running scared, and with good cause.  No amount of propaganda, hype, or bitterness, can save the Democrats.

We took the House by storm, we will re-take the Senate, and by so doing (only by that proven means) we will restore good government to America.  It has happened before and we are making that beneficial change happen again.  Bye-bye Dems, hello justice for the common people.

It is just that simple.

The racist vote must always go to the Democrats and that is why they still have any support at all, but people are beginning to awaken from racism as they see how unfair it is.

Democrats have found themselves in hot water before, and we're about to turn the kettle up to high.

Would anyone like lobster for dinner?Laughing

Who could imply that Obama has been loyal to America? Those on the unemployment line will tell you why their hopes have been shattered by uncaring Democrats. Remember that this November.
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not another rocmike alias.

The Unknown Philosopher Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Tadpole, your psychotic obsession with RM3 has everyone saying that you are out of your mind. 


Nothing you say is true, everyone has busted you in hundreds of lies, and now you make a standard racist default aganist all persons who post intelligently.


What is it like to be a completely uneducated leftist on the fraying edge of yet another embarrassing nervous breakdown?  The more you default to your lunatic obsession, the closer you come to that inevitable relapse into the mental ward.


Maybe they will want to hear your fantasy tales of atheism, Islam, and racists like the progegee of Jeremiah Wright.  What was the name of that insane racist bigot and intolerable fraud?  Oh yes.  Now I recall, somehow.  Barrack Hussein Obama II -- the Kenyan born nephew of Muslim drunks, vagrants, and illegal aliens.


Is there anything better about your fascist idol than that?


rocmike you have been busted by everyone on yedda yet you continue to post under all of these aliases. get a life you lonely loser.

Ollie Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Is dfrogpong always this bitter?


rocmike did you create another alias. get help fool. welcome aboard ollie.

Wilbur Tanner

Ollie, I believe she is always that bitter.  She has a crippling obsession, severe judgment problems, is consumed with hate, absolutely negative, and severely maladjusted.  That is a dangerous combination considering that our infamous James Holmes suffers the same psychological profile.


It is not a reassuring thought that these people must always be angry and bitter.  When we put them away, we will have to release all of the non-violent offenders from prison and put them on strict probation just to make room for psychotics like dfrogpong.  Electronic tracking of released offenders makes a good deal of sense, as we empty out our nonviolent prisoners to make room for violent leftists.

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