Hottest Bond Girl

Who's the hottest Bond girl of all times?

The first was Ursula Anders, here shown with Halle Barry, but there have been more than 20 others...

WHo's your favorite?

Hottest Bond Girl

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Halle Berry and Teri Hatcher were both great, but I love them both as actresses anyway and they were super sexy and classy in these roles.  But my favorite was when Denise Richards played Christmas Jones and Bond used the line at the end of the movie - "who says Christmas only comes once a year"  classic!

Honor Blackman - both sexy and classy, and with the best name of any Bond girl (Pussy Galore)

second place : Diana Rigg. She was also incredibly sexy in The Avengers



Diana Rigg was the most incredibly classy woman on television, combining beauty, sexual electricity, intelligence, good humor, and feminity.  She brought the same qualities to playing the only woman good enough for Bond to marry.

She was a lot of fun, but I don't know if she was in enough of the movie to compete with many of the others.  That line was cute, though.

i personally perfered seeing halle berry, she looked soo hot in her swim suit. and i do agree with the saying " she's sweeter than all berries".Cool

eva green takes the cake. she looks the way a bond girl is supposed to look, mysterious and gorgeous and undeniably sexy. her french beauty speaks volumes.

Olga Kurylenko is the most beautiful woman on the planet. based on le serpant bondage, her part in hitman, and of course the new bond

Honor Blackman - hands down.

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