I have a horse that is head shy, when I got him he was blind in one eye, and has two chunks missing out of his tongue.  He does take a bit, but I don't need one.  If you walk up to him without a halter or a rope around his neck he shy's away when you get to his neck.  When I put the halter on he is a different horse, you can do whatever you want but he shows fear.  He has so much respect for humans.  He is ver aggressive towards other horses when there is food around, he has to be separated during feeding time, unless you are there, then he does nothing to the horse.  I don't know much about this horse, he was a freebie.  He is very ride able, will do whatever you want unless there is no halter on him.  I want him to be affectionate, and want to be around people.

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Just keep working with him.  It takes time.  Keep him in a small area where you can catch him easily and have a treat when he does not shy away.  Being a little stingy with his food is not a bad idea.  He will meet you at the gate to come in for his food if you back off on the amount you give him for a time.  Another possiblility would be to talk to your vet about giving him a sedative.  As he is under the influence of that sedative put the halter on and off repeatedly until the drug wears off and he is back to normal.  I did that with a horse that kicked if you picked up his rear feet.  With him I had to be careful that he didn't fall over but it worked.  Just make it a good encounter and don't loose your temper with him ever.  That would make it worse.  Best of luck.  dave

It is never too late. God loves you and wants a relationship with you no matter what you have done in your life. He stands at the door and knocks. Let him in.

Thanks, I hope this will help, he is very respectful when you have control of him.  He will do whatever the kids want him to.  But once the halter is off, or you let go of his mane, totally different horse.  I have him, and gelding I am trying to work with and am scared to ride him more than what I have, I got him to where I can ride him in a trot and one rein stop, he goes with a squeeze, but likes to run too much.  Then I have a donkey that I just got that was suppossed to be able to ride.  My kids rode him, so I tried and when I made him turn he bucked and I hit the ground, and did something to my tail bone.  I am trying to find a home for him, can't risk my kids getting on him.  Ever since then I haven't got back on the almost green broke horse, but have ridden the half blind head shy horse.  So, I am a mess. 

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