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How long does a baby horse stay with its mother?

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Most foals are weaned from their mothers at 6 months to a year.

Foals can be weaned from 3 months to a year.  It is a matter of personal preference when to remove them.  I prefer three to four months because that is easier on the mares.  However, some people prefer to let the foal suckle for longer periods. 


BTW If you go to the website www.justwrightfarm.com you will see my stud who was weaned just before 3 months (an injury had to be doctored so I had to wean a little early).  In the photo he is a two year old.  He won world reserve model champion fox trotter as both a two year old and a three.  Apparrently weaning early did not hurt him.  Nor has it hurt any horse I have ever raised.

They live with with their mother for about 6 monthsLaughing

               Cheyenne St.Joe,MO 

Alot of owners wait until the foals are 6 months of age.

If you talk to a vet and read all the books on weaning the recommendation is usually 4-6 months. It depends on several things. Is your mare is holding her weight and is she being kind to the baby? When it starts to get where a mare is dropping weight even though she is getting the right nutrition or her teats are getting sore from the babies teeth, or a mare will even start to kick at her baby to get it to stop nursing then it is time to wean. when a babie is spending more time playing then with mom or eating other things all the time and only comes back now and then to ' play nurse' or out of 'habit' then it is also time to wean.

Is good to keep the Colt/filly at least for 6 months before moving it to a stall by it self. That way you make sure it gets the right nutrients that comes from the mothers milk.

Foals need to stay with their others at least 6 months. After that, their nutrition needs increase so its best if they start eating grain and hay exclusively. I remember my mare used to adamently wean her foals at exactly the 6 month mark. She was so smart! Our draft colt didn't wean till he was a year old however, so it depends on the size of the horse.

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I've listed some thoughts below about your question, but you have received super feedback from all!  I wanted to share this information, and it's regarding both foaling and weaning.  Remember that domesticated geldings will attempt to kill a new foal.  I have personally witnessed this petrifying behavior when my preemie was born 4 weeks early. The sound that my two percheron geldings were making was something I can not even describe.  It was predatorial, not at all "horse like" and they were circling the poor little lump of brown on the ground just like predators pack killing.  Mare was flying about, placenta still flapping and I had an adrenaline burst, picked up a gigantic rock and nailed the 2000 lb gelding square in the head, then ran to the lump that turned out to be my foal.  (The Percheron's right foreleg was raised and ready to stomp the life out the brown lump.) They simply would not stop , and without the assistance of two men and more adrenaline bursts from me, my foal would have been nothing but a smashed lump.  So, just a suggestion to separate your geldings well before the projected due date.

In that I have a mix of draft horses and light horses, I kept the geldings separated until the colt basically weaned himself.  The process started with mare and foal in a round pen and the 5 geldings led in one at a time and "introduced" to mama and baby.  I kept the mare/colt in the round pen for a full day and closely watched the behavior of the geldings. All was well, so HOLDING MY BREATH, I introduced mare and colt to the herd and the integration was seemless.

Regarding weaning, my two cents for what it is worth. Generally light horses' foals will nurse for 4-6 months as noted by others and they can start, depending on the performance discipline, "active work" at roughly 2-3 years. My AQHA colt basically weaned himself, to my dismay, at 4.5 months as he was a preemie and I would have gone a  minimum of 6 months.

 Draft Horses are generally weaned later and begin training far later.  My draft colt was not weaned until roughly 8 months, and a draft can not safely go into "active work" until 4 years of age. 

Hope that helps!!

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