Horse semen volume and stallion question

What is the volume range for semen from a stallion? I've heard that its between 150ml-250ml. Does this depend on the stallion? Is it possible for a stallion to ejaculate more than 250ml?

What factors affect semen volume? Stallion size and size of the testicles?

 Most breeders if they are collecting via AV will collect twice a day from a stallion. Once in the morning and once in the evening. You should be able to do this for a matter of a few days, allowing enough time for the testicles to replenish the ducts. However, the stallion will run out correct?

What is the number of average thrusts a stallion will perform before ejaculation? What stimulates a stallion while mating with a mare compared to a human? 




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The range between 25-100ml is considered as average, though it could be up to 300ml.

It takes just a few thrusts before ejaculation.  

The amount depends on the size of the stallion and if he has been bred often or not.  Les frequent ejaculations mean more cum per ejaculation (the tank only hods so much at a time).  A stallion spends more time trying to get his peinis into the amre than he does in it.  After he finds his target he will thrust about 6 or so times before he thrusts it all the way in and just stands there ejaculating.  As he cums his tail will "flag" up and down.  After sex most mares will stand as if to pee and a bit of the cum will run out of her.  More than enough remains inside to do the deed.  According to the old Masters & Johnson survey about 80% of farm boys admitted to having sex with farm animals, mares were the most frequent ones they mated with.

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