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Hello everyone, i am a sexual abuse survivor and been dating my current boyfriend for 4 years and 7 months, my partner is a nice guy and had been patient with me. It has been rough years, i was not ...

ok,now i read yr letter but not in full cos u went on and on with the same song like u want to heal and improve yr relationship. but he is healthy and not satisfied with u. cant u see it. u are a crippled emotionally person who can heal and he is a healthy emotionally person. so just imagine yrslf in a relationship with a man with only one leg who slows u while u walk with him and wants u to do together with him the exercises for his other leg to grow. why should u do this. u only have one life. people of similar beauty  and other characteristic join their lives and not crippled and healthy together. i am crippled in a way too,with my heart,anatomically. so because of that i had married a man lower than me. so we two were equal somehow. u two are not. ull loose him if u go on jibbering about yr healing. he trusts u. cant u just trust him on word without feeling of trust. dont trade with sex,ull loose him. and with another ull have the same thing going,if not worse. so my final advice is to stop immediately,if it isnt too late,bothering him with yr issue cos its yr only issue,not his. he is healthy. u are sick. u make yr relationship with him sick,so uuu seek help. leave him alone and pretend u trust him. ull not find a better one. u dont deserve him cos he is a healthy person who deserves another healthy person. or u should find another crippled in any way person,like i did. u are probably beautiful. so u should find an ugly man. whatever is good about u,u find someone who is not so good in many of yr good traits,or in one only,but badly. like u are rich and he is very poor. love is equity my dear. its a trade. no one will give u love if u dont have the same amount of bad and good things about u as he does. in yr and yr boyfriends case it seems he is the better part of the equasion. so he will leave u if u go on bothering him with yr issue. its yrs. only yr mom is bothered with it. nobody else. not even yr sibling and not yr father,even if he had been the best of fathers. which statement is ridiculous cos he is probably yr abuser. u should give me more deatails in a private message so i can see who u are and what happened to u in the past. yr bf is not yr mom. so he doesnt care about yr issue. he wants a normal girl with all his natural rights of a healthy man. give him this. pretend u trust him. or give me details why u dont trust him. i want details on his behaviours that u dont trust. not generalities...

There's no god and u know it!!!
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